Kitchen, Bed & Bath Contents

July 4, 2016

All your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom essentials in one convenient package. ($399)


Kitchen_Bed & Bath

Dinnerware Set (Strawberry Street)for 4 persons
Cookware Set (Mainstays)9 pieces
Drinking Glasses (Libbey)8
Knives Set (Faberware)21 pieces
Silverware (Mainstays Whitney)for 4 persons
Utensils Set 14 pieces
Food Storage (Rubbermaid Easy Find)14 containers
Mixing Bowls (Pyrex)3 pieces
Dish Rack (Flat Wire)1
Cutting Board (Mainstays)1
Colander (Mainstays)1
Bedding Sheets (Baltic Linen)3
Pillow Cases (Mainstays)2
Pillows (Mainstays)2
Blanket (Velvet Plush)1
Towels (Mainstays Value)4 bath towels, 2 hand towels, and 4 wash cloths
Soap Dish (Mainstays True)1
Toothbrush Holder (Mainstains True)1
Toilet Brush (Bath Bliss)1